'Spider-Man' casts Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy

emma-stone-spider-man.jpg Emma Stone will have a lead role in the "Spider-Man" reboot -- just not the lead role she was thought to be up for.

Stone ("Easy A," "Zombieland") will play Gwen Stacy -- Peter Parker's ( Andrew Garfield) girlfriend -- in the movie, which takes the Spidey story back to high school. She was on a shortlist of actresses to play either Gwen or Spidey's other great love, Mary Jane Watson, but given her physical resemblance to the red-haired MJ, most people figured she'd be more likely to be conisdered for that part.

Among the other contenders for the part of Gwen were "Glee" star Dianna Agron, Georgina Haig, Mia Wasikowska and Dominique McElligott. It's not clear whether any of those actresses will still be in the running to play Mary Jane.