Spike's Scream Awards: Pee Wee Herman, Anne Hathaway, George Lucas present

scream-5-gi.jpgOn Saturday (Oct. 15), Spike TV held its annual Scream Awards -- honoring the best of horror, fantasy and sci-fi -- at the Universal Studios backlot in Los Angeles.

Top honorees included the Harry Potter franchise, Darth Vader (who was on hand to accept his award from creator George Lucas), Pee Wee Herman and Robert Downey Jr.

The Potter movies were named the Ultimate Scream and presenter Chloe Moretz described the eight-part series as, "the most awesome, most rocking thing that the universe has ever seen." (Has she not seen "Kick-Ass"?)

"The Dark Knight Rises" co-stars Anne Hathaway, Gary Oldman and Joseph Gordon-Levitt also appeared to accept the award for most anticipated movie.

Darth Vader, according to the Associated Press, said he's been having trouble concentrating on work recently because he's constantly "living in fear of how George Lucas is going to digitally enhance you for the next DVD."

The Scream Awards are set to air Tuesday evening on Spike TV.


Photo/Video credit: Getty Images