Glee Season 6 Spoilers: First Episode Description Reveals New Show Choir Directors!

We've heard that Lea Michele's Rachel Berry will more than likely be heading home to Lima in Glee's season 6 to take over McKinley's glee club since the disbanding of New Directions. There have also been guesses of Darren Criss' Blaine taking over The Warblers, and we know that Vocal Adrenaline will also be getting a new show choir director in the final season. But up until now, most of it has been just speculation.

Now that FOX has released an actual description for the first episode of Glee's season 6, we'll be guessing no more. You won't believe who's leading Vocal Adrenaline, according to TV Fanatic (no it's not Jonathan Groff's Jesse St. James...).

Once back home, [Rachel will] set out to reinstate and lead William McKinley's glee club. And Kurt will help.

While these two take the reigns of New Directions, meanwhile, Blaine will lead the Warblers and Mr. Schuester will advise Vocal Adrenaline. Talk about drama!

You can read the official description from FOX below. Hey, the Schuester has to get a job somewhere, right? What do you think about these developments for Glee's sixth and final season?



After her humiliating failure as a TV actress, New Directions original star, RACHEL BERRY comes home to Lima to figure out what she wants to do next. Upon discovering that SUE SYLVESTER has banished the arts at McKinley, Rachel takes it upon herself to reinstate and lead the glee club.

Meanwhile, BLAINE ANDERSON, SAM EVANS and WILL SCHUESTER have all found surprising new gigs in Ohio.