Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Spoiler: Mona Lives on in Flashbacks - and as a Ghost?

Are you going to miss Mona? I'm definitely going to miss Janel Parrish playing Mona...but wait! Is there a chance that Mona will live on in the show? Well, if you will remember, Sasha Pieterse was a "flashback girl" for a few years on Pretty Little Liars before Alison DiLaurentis came back from the dead. 

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Janel Parrish herself only found out about Mona's shocking death just a day before the table read for the summer finale, "Taking This One to the Grave", when PLL show creator, Marlene King gave her "the call" - and while that was most definitely Mona's body we saw in the trunk in the final scene of the midseason finale, has her character really been "killed off" the show?

I was told the day before the table read. She gave me the call. I always heard rumors that when a series regular gets killed from a show, they're going to get the call from the creator. So when I heard that Marlene was on the other line, I was like, "Oh my god, is this my time? Has it come to an end?" She was so sweet and so wonderful about it. She was like, "Hey, I want you to know that this is happening — you are getting killed. But don't freak out. You still have a job. You're not leaving the Pretty Little Liars family, you're just going to be the flashback girl like Sasha [Pieterse] was for three years."

I was so relieved because I thought I was getting killed off my show and that was it and that was my last episode. That would've been so sad because I love being a part of the show and I love Mona. I've played her for five years now, and it would have been so sad to part with her. I parted with "alive Mona" but I'll still be haunting Rosewood in some flashbacks.

But is that the only way Mona will be haunting Rosewood? Janel also told Entertainment Weekly and Zap2It that she's already done some filming for the second half of PLL season 5, and Mona's apparently not just appearing in flashbacks. 

Yes. The Christmas episode is going to be a really fun episode. It’s kind of a fantasy type of show, but it’s also still an episode where fans will get a lot of answers, so they shouldn’t miss it. But yes, Mona will appear as the Ghost of Christmas Past, Present, and Future—and let me tell you, in a fantastic outfit, of course.

...we film continuously from March through November, so yes, I've filmed more since my death. Like I said, I'm going to be in the Christmas special as the ghost of Christmas past, present and future, and in the second half of the season there will be more Mona flashbacks. 

Now that will definitely be interesting. With Caleb's time in Ravenswood coming more to the forefront on Pretty Little Liars now, it probably won't seem so strange to see the ghost of Mona in Rosewood - do you think there's at all a possibility of Caleb and Hanna eventually communicating with Mona's ghost? And as for the Christmas episode...think Mona will be haunting Alison?