St. Louis Cardinals fan returns walk-off homer ball, no questions asked

david-freese-walk-off-home-.jpgThe St. Louis Cardinals won what some are calling maybe the best Game 6 of the World Series ever with a walk-off home run from David Freese in the 11th inning. Fan Dave Huyette could be seen running out onto the grassy knoll, grabbing the home run ball and basically curling up around it as more fans stormed the grass.

"Every time there was a chance there could be a walkoff home run ... I just assumed the position to get ready each time. At one point Albert [Pujols] had the chance to win the game and we thought that was going to be the time that it happened. But it didn't, he was intentionally walked," says Huyette, a 39-year-old radiologist from Maryvillle, Ill, to Yahoo's Big League Stew.

"Then Freese came up in the 11th and I heard the crack of the bat and everybody cheered and it was kind of in slow motion. I jumped over the fence and [the ball] kind of landed right there. I just tumbled around it, expecting to getting pummeled and beaten to death," Huyette finishes.

But he didn't get pummeled at all. Instead, he was approached by ballpark security who told him David Freese or even the Baseball Hall of Fame might be interested in the ball. Huyette immediately agreed and was taken to the clubhouse, where he traded the walk-off home run ball for a bat signed by Freese and a ball signed by the entire Cardinals team.

"Maybe if I had been wanting for money, it'd be different," Huyette said. "But I make a good living. I wasn't going to hold the country hostage for the ball. I told them I didn't need any money, but it'd be nice to meet some of the players."

Photo/Video credit: Yahoo