'Star Wars Rebels': See the first 7 minutes of Disney XD's new series

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Disney XD debuted a highly anticipated first look at its new series "Star Wars Rebels" Monday night (Aug. 4), and you can watch it right here as well.

Above is the opening seven minutes of the show, which is set before the events of "Episode IV: A New Hope" and chronicles the beginnings of the rebellion that will eventually topple the Galactic Empire. It centers on the crew of the starship Ghost -- pilot Hera, "cowboy Jedi" Kanan, teenage con artist Ezra, weapons expert Sabine, muscleman Zeb and the ship's droid, Chopper.

"Star Wars Rebels" will have a special hour-long premiere on Disney Channel in October before moving to its regular home on Disney XD.

Photo/Video credit: Disney XD