Stars hide out at the Gov Ball

The new relaxed living room look of this year's Governors Ball made it even harder to locate the darn stars. Historically, studios had assigned tables and seated service so you (you being either a journalist or an invited guest) could wander around and watch all the giddy winners and game-faced losers, who generally stayed put while well-wishers came to them. Not last night. Now the stars were doing the all wandering, locating and congratulating each other, hugging, back-slapping, cheek-kissing, hand-shaking. And these people are fast! If not for a glint of gold and a flash of strobe across the room, I might have missed seeing big winners like Jennifer Hudson, Martin Scorsese, Helen Mirren, Alan Arkin, and Forest Whitaker meandering around the Kodak Ballroom, decked out with sprawling sofas, patios and trellised gardens that made the room feel like a pristine Tuscan restaurant.

Here's some of what I saw: