State of the Union Address 2011: Pictures of various sleepy politicos

sotu-1.jpgAn outstanding orator by most standards, even President Barack Obama can't keep everyone's attention, all of the time.

So even during the especially civil reception of the 2011 State of the Union address -- which ABC estimates included 45 displays of bipartisan applause -- the broadcast also boasted more than a few dozing faces.

And whether they were actually sleeping, caught in a long blink, mediating or casually trying to finish the last chapter of "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo," it's safe to say these folks did not know millions of people were watching them look inattentive.

Let's take a look at a few of the best, shall we?

sotu-2.jpgStraight-up snoozing.

sotu-3.jpg Nancy Pelosi, clearly awake, just couldn't stand to look at John Boehner sitting on her throne.

sotu-4.jpgZzzzzz... this guy's got not one, but two red accessories. But he has to dramatically yawn to really make his point.

sotu-5.jpg John McCain knows the camera loves him, so he remained wildly attentive for the entire hour's worth of Stat-of-the-Union-ing. The gentleman to his left? Not so much.

sotu-6.jpgSudoku break!

sotu-9.jpgRepresentatives of the armed forces: tired, grumpy or both?

sotu-7.jpgAnd, because we'd hate to sell him out for sleeping and crying, it should be noted that Boehner did a much better job of paying attention than Vice President Joe Biden. He had this moment of rest after 20-second ear-picking interlude. Ew, Joe.

Photo/Video credit: ABC