Stegosaurus', Brachiosaurus', Tyrannosaurus-rexes, oh my! 'Walking with Dinosaurs' brings them back to life

dinosaurs-live.jpgBecause seeing them on television is not enough, the BBC is bringing its award-winning series, "Walking with Dinosaurs" to real life.

Well, as real as you can get when it comes to mechanical creatures that no longer exist.

Designers and scientists worked closely together to bring 15-dinosaurs to "life." Including a terrifyingly large Tyrannosaurus-rex, a menacing looking Allosaurus, the spiky Stegosaurus and our personal favorite -- the Brachiosaurus (What's up, Little Foot! "Land Before Time," anyone?).

If you want to pee your pants like we did, you can check out videos of the dinos' in action on the Dinosaur Live website. We know they're not real, but we're still terrified of these things. Aside from that still we managed to attach above -- it actually makes them look kind of sweet. Deceptively sweet.

"Jurassic Park" ruined any chance that we'd expose ourselves to these sort of shenanigans. But if you are interested in checking it out, the tour is unfortunately only booking in Australia and New Zealand at the moment. It has previously toured the U.K., U.S., Canada, Japan, China, Singapore and more. 
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