Stephen Amell shirtless photos: 'Arrow' star before and after

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"Arrow" star Stephen Amell looks good when shirtless. Photos taken "before" and "after" getting ready for his role as Oliver Queen prove this beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Still, it doesn't sound like Amell is too happy with his "before" photo. Posted on his Facebook page on Monday (July 15), the actor pointed out that one of the photos showed him during his time off from work while the other had him back in full "Arrow" form.

The photo caption reads:

"June 13th & July 15th. No filter. It was important to enjoy my hiatus, but the picture on the left can go eff itself."

In the photo on the left -- this would be the "before" one -- Amell looks ... Actually he looks pretty good. The angle of the image makes the actor seem a little top-heavy, but anyone with half a brain would know that this is a very fit man.

Perhaps not as fit as the photo on the right, however. Taken a little more than a month later, the "after" picture shows Amell ready to play Oliver Queen. The abs are incredibly defined and those scars and tattoos are in place.

stephen-amell-arrow-oliver-queen-shirtless-photo-before-facebook.jpgIt's rather nice to look at really.

In a comment made by Amell a short time later, the actor explained why he was indulging in selfie-loathing exhibitionism:

"FYI - I typically laugh at shirtless selfies, but the photo on the left was a long lens shot that really violated my privacy. Thus, I'm willing to make an exception."

Good to know that even a violation of privacy fails to make Stephen Amell look anything but amazing.

Photo/Video credit: Facebook/Stephen Amell