Stephen Colbert cedes his Super PAC to Jon Stewart

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Stephen Colbert isn't giving up on his dreams of running for president (of South Carolina).

Recently, though, the "Colbert Report" anchor ran into a little trouble -- candidates aren't allowed to be involved in Super PACs, but he was in charge of his own.

Thankfully, together with his adviser, Washington, D.C. lawyer Trevor Potter, he came up with the perfect solution: cede his committee to fellow Comedy Central fake news anchor Jon Stewart. For his part, Stewart is honored to be asked. And manages to plug his and Colbert's upcoming bagel shop, From Schmear to Eternity. We want to go to there.

Behold: The Definitely Not Coordinating With Stephen Colbert Super PAC, now buying ad time on South Carolina TVs near you.

Everyone wins!

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Photo/Video credit: Comedy Central