Steven Spielberg stands behind 'Kingdom of the Crystal Skull'

Steven-Spielberg.jpg Steven Spielberg's "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" made 800 million dollars -- but was trashed by critics and fans. Even one of the film's stars, Shia LeBeouf, publicly criticized the film, which strayed from the usual "Indiana Jones" fare by introducing aliens to the world of archaeology.

Spielberg himself, however, stands behind the film.

He tells the Miami Herald that a few years ago, a group of young boys approached him at a horse show. "They started saying 'Oh, man, we love your movies so much! We love all your films -- except for that last Indiana Jones picture. We all hated that one," Spielberg recalls.

Like many critics, they weren't fans of the ending. "It just wasn't as good as the other ones. We didn't like that alien thing at the end. That was stupid. He shouldn't be going after aliens anyway. He should be going after archeology stuff," they told him.

Then they mentioned that they'd seen the movie 4 times.

"I asked 'Why did you see it four times if you hated it?'" Spielberg says. "And they said 'For all the good stuff in it.' And suddenly I understood how that movie made $800 million, despite all the negative things I read about it."
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images