Steven Wilde from 'Running Wilde'

It's difficult to imagine being so rich one doesn't need to concern oneself with clothing - one has people for that sort of thing.

Maybe it isn't that hard to imagine, but this goes beyond not caring if you drop a few grand on shoes. At the level of wealth Steven Wilde ( Will Arnett) has in the Fox Tuesday sitcom 
Running Wilde, his designer duds just appear, which may happen for the scions of oil fortunes.

"We wanted to tell it from aesthetic purposes that he is more progressive," Arnett says while leaving the mansion on Long Island's north shore that serves as Wilde's home. "He doesn't dress like his father. Lots of sports coats, but it's not all brass buttons."

In the pilot, his wardrobe includes casual chic, a kimono, a tuxedo and jodhpurs.

"He is wearing the costume required by daily activities," Arnett says. "He wears a lot of tight jeans with loafers and no socks."

"We don't want it to be too cartoony," Arnett says. "If not him, someone in his life should be aware of what is going on fashionwise, and at times he will be avant-garde, and what you see in his wardrobe will reflect the fashion sense of those around him, and he is almost unaware of how he looks."

Behind the scenes, that task falls to Michael Clancy, the show's costume designer. Clancy shops for the character where rich New Yorkers shop: Barneys, Saks and Bergdorf Goodman.

As one of the world's richest men, Wilde is often at black-tie events and wears Ralph Lauren Purple Label tuxedos. He also wears clothes from Hugo Boss, Armani and Theory. His jeans are Prada.

"The kind of approach we are taking is he just gets stuff sent to him from all these fancy places," Clancy says. "He couldn't tell you the difference between the places. When you have that much money, you wouldn't care about the little details."

Shoes include Gucci and Kenneth Cole.

Even midrange clothes look better on TV because fashion experts scour stores, then present the actor with the best of what they found. Clothing needs to last only a limited time - sometimes just for that episode - and they have a tailor on the set to ensure garments fit perfectly, Clancy says.

"If I had the kind of money to throw around that Steve has, I would have a live-in tailor," he says.

He recommends men wear good shoes even with jeans, to boost a look.

Still, is it possible to look like a mogul on a working stiff's wages?

"If you have good taste and have a good eye and a sense of the proportion of the body you are dressing, and how to maximize the benefits, or minimize what is not so great," Clancy says.