'Storage Wars' Brandi Passante's porn video lawsuit earns her $750

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brandi-passante-porn-video-jarrod-schulz.jpg "Storage Wars" star Brandi Passante, personal and business partner of Jarrod Schulz (pictured together above), has "won" her lawsuit against a website operator who allegedly distributed a pornographic video of her that she insists is fake, reports The Wrap.

But in her win, Passante was awarded a paltry $750 from District Court Judge James V. Selna.

Passante sued Hunter Moore, the former operator of site Anyone Up, for distributing a video falsely claiming to feature her. She also alleged that Moore published fake pornographic pictures of her online.

The A&E star was seeking $2.5 million in damages, but, according to the judge, provided "absolutely no support for this calculation of damages."

He cited the lack of evidentiary support as the reason to award her only $750, plus attorneys' fees and an injunction against Moore to remove any remaining and undisclosed content of video from all websites and restraining him from further disseminating the content of the video.
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images