'Struck By Lightning' official trailer finally debuts

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chris-colfer-gg-2011-185.jpgFinally, the official trailer for "Glee" star Chris Colfer's screenplay debut, "Struck By Lightning," has arrived! Colfer stars in the film as Carson, a high school senior on a quest to get in to Northwestern University so he can pursue his literary aspirations.

To beef up his college applications, he decides to start a literary magazine at his high school. The only problem is that he can't find anyone to contribute.

That's okay, he's got a solution for that too: Clovergate, a.k.a. his mission with BFF Rebel Wilson to blackmail classmates like goth Ashley Rickards ( "Awkward") and mean girl Sarah Hyland ( "Modern Family") to write their own stories.

Check out the trailer below, and contemplate where Carson got his rad convertible, and how we can get our hands on that giant composition notebook.

What do you think of the official trailer?

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images