'Suburgatory' casts Alicia Silverstone, stages 'Clueless' reunion

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alicia-silverstone-jeremy-sisto.jpgCher Horowitz in the 'burbs?

As if.

" Suburgatory" is staging a " Clueless" reunion! Alicia Silverstone is joining her one-time costar Jeremy Sisto on the hilarious and underrated sitcom. We hope not sporadically.

According to TVLine, Silverstone plays Eden, a potential love interest for Sisto's George. Apparently, Eden's "unusual" line of work even comes between George and Noah -- and it's got to be some pretty powerful stuff to break up that bromance.

No word yet on whether Eden and George actually hook up -- after all, you've seen how picky she is about her shoes and they only go on her feet -- but we've got our fingers crossed that they'll do a little rollin' with the homies for old times' sake.