'Suburgatory': Malin Akerman makes an entrance as Tessa's mom

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malin-akerman-suburgatory.jpgTessa will finally get to meet her mom on "Suburgatory" Wednesday night (Nov. 14) -- but based on these two scenes from the episode, it does not go down how either mother or daughter would have hoped.

Jane Levy, who plays Tessa, told Zap2it recently that called the meeting between Tessa and Alex (guest star Malin Akerman) "emotinal and confusing." The video evidence backs her up.

In the first clip, Alex arrives at George's ( Jeremy Sisto) for Thanksgiving, only to be told that Tessa is at her grandmother's in Manhattan. Cue a small meltdown from Alex.

When they finally do meet, Tessa seems more than a little underwhelmed. That can happen when expectations meet reality.

"Suburgatory" airs at 9:30 p.m. ET Wednesday on ABC. Are you excited to see Tessa and Alex interact, and do you think they'll work things out?
Photo/Video credit: ABC