Suit up for the 'How I Met Your Mother' 100th episode musical

"How I Met Your Mother" has released a slew of photos from its musical 100th episode, and to paraphrase Barney Stinson, it looks kind of awesome.

The episode will find Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) contemplating giving up his beloved suits for the only thing that makes him happier -- scoring with a woman, in this case an attractive bartender played by guest star Stacy Keibler. The conflict within him builds to the point where he has no choice but to express himself in song while hanging from a light post:


The rest of the cast joins in as well.


The episode will also feature guest star Rachel Bilson as Ted's (Josh Radnor) new flame, Cindy. They go out for dinner, an act that CBS says will bring Ted "one step closer to meeting the future mother of his kids."


"How I Met Your Mother's" 100th episode airs Jan. 11. More pictures below.

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