'Suits' photos: The many mug-shots of Louis Litt

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suits-louis-litt-mug-shot-rick-hoffman-usa-1.jpgShortly before the end of the "Suits" episode, "Zane vs. Zane," Pearson Hardman senior partner Louis Litt ( Rick Hoffman) found himself arrested and in jail. He returned to the office only to find copies of his mug-shot decorating the room.

The viewing audience did not, however, get much of a chance to examine these amusing images. This article means to change that.

How did an upstanding man like Louis get arrested? The whole thing began when he and new associate Katrina Bennett ( Amanda Schull) began an escalating prank war over their mutual dislike. Katrina, a former assistant district attorney, got the last word when she had a security-guard friend grapple with Louis at the courthouse metal detector.

Since Louis had a pair of gold-plated nail clippers in his pocket at the time, the poor man was doomed.

While the photos in the mug-shots are identical, the captions change. Some of them are rather amusing (if not entirely exhibiting clean language).

suits-louis-litt-mug-shot-rick-hoffman-usa-2.jpg suits-louis-litt-mug-shot-rick-hoffman-usa-3.jpg suits-louis-litt-mug-shot-rick-hoffman-usa-4.jpg suits-louis-litt-mug-shot-rick-hoffman-usa-5.jpg suits-louis-litt-mug-shot-rick-hoffman-usa-6.jpg suits-louis-litt-mug-shot-rick-hoffman-usa-7.jpgWho stuck the mug-shots all over Louis' office? Donna ( Sarah Rafferty) denied all knowledge of the culprit, and there are a lot of possible suspects. But it's safe to say that Katrina had a hand in this final shot at humbling Louis.

Photo/Video credit: USA