'Suits' preview: USA's buddy dramedy genre enters the courtroom

suits-preview-usa.jpgWith "White Collar" and "Covert Affairs" both back on the air, USA's summer season is officially underway -- so what better time to get the 411 on one of its more exiting freshman series?

"Suits," a new legal dramedy from "Notes from the Underbelly" writer Aaron Korsh, premieres June 23. And like many USA series before it, it follows an expert navigating a profession they're not technically supposed to be a part of.

Patrick J. Adams stars as Mike Ross, a brilliant but unmotivated college dropout who comes to pose as a lawyer when high profile corporate lawyer Harvey Specter ( Gabriel Macht) hires him out of desperation. In lieu of a law degree, Ross relies on his photographic memory and unparalleled instincts -- kind of like "Psych" with lawyers.

"Suits" also gets extra points for the play-on-words-tastic ad campaign, which includes the tagline "Two Lawyers. One Degree."

Curb your desire to Google the origins of that by watching the latest extended trailer:

Photo/Video credit: USA