'Suits' Season 2 winter premiere: Photos from 'Blind-Sided'

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suits-blind-sided-5-season-2-winter-premiere-mike-patrick-j-adams-usa.jpgThe well-dressed and morally ambiguous folks on "Suits" are coming back to finish season 2 in January. What can viewers expect when the show returns? New photos released from the first episode, "Blind-Sided," give some clues as to where the story will go.

During the "Suits" Season 2 episodes that aired during the summer, Harvey ( Gabriel Macht), Mike ( Patrick J. Adams) and Jessica ( Gina Torres) successfully defeated Daniel Hardman ( David Costabile) in the partner's bid to take over the law firm. Thus, the show ended -- for the most part -- on a happy and positive note.

Don't expect that to continue this winter. Even though the lawyers won their battle, they have not yet won the war. That war is what begins in "Blind-Sided."

They have a lot to deal with too. Mike, for example, has to come to terms with his grandmother's death and the fact that he slept with Tess (guest star Elisabeth Hower), thereby blowing his chances with Rachel ( Meghan Markle). We can expect Mike to fall back on some bad habits throughout all of this.

Meanwhile, life is going on at the firm. Even though he's in the doghouse as far as Harvey is concerned, Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman) is actually in a stronger position than ever. He is now a senior partner. As such, Louis begins the hunt for his own associate. Unfortunately, there may be some problems with his top choice.

Despite the smiles and cordial greetings seen in these photos, there is no way Donna ( Sarah Rafferty) wants Louis' associate, Maria ( Aarti Mann), working at Pearson Hardman.

What Donna wants, Donna gets. Without giving away too much of what happens or why, let's just say that Louis finds himself in a very negative confrontation with Jessica before the episode ends.

It's not just Louis wearing a frown by the end of "Blind-Sided." Mike's behavior gets him -- and Harvey -- into some serious troubles. Will he be able to pull them out?

"Blind-Sided" airs on Thursday, Jan. 17 at 10pm on USA.

Photo/Video credit: USA