'Suits': 8 GIFs explaining why Harvey, Donna, and Jessica should be our BFFs

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They are sharp and sarcastic, and sometimes Harvey, Donna, Jessica and everyone from "Suits" explain exactly how we are feeling. The dialogue on "Suits" is quick and witty. It often times has us self-identifying with many of the character traits, such as Donna's sarcasm or Harvey's more confident moments. 

Granted, these characters are ever evolving, and while Harvey isn't as pompous as he was in Season 1, there are people like Jessica who are still top-dog at the firm, and let people know it. After watching an episode or two of "Suits," it is hard not to think about the people of Pearson Specter as spirit animals in a way. It's even harder not to quote the below GIFs in our everyday lives for fear of our friends and family simply not understanding the references. 

But, if your friends do not understand you when you make references to suspiciously using a can opener, or when you say "you just got Litt up," "Suits" is available online. They have until June 11 to catch up before the Season 4 premiere. Surprisingly, it was kind of hard to find instances of Mike Ross being a quotable spirit animal. Maybe we're just not envious of his life?

1) You like to live life just a little bit higher than everyone else.

2) You don't let people test you.

3) This is how you think whenever you stuck in a sticky situation.

4) What you wish you could say when you meet someone who seems a little off but really cool.

5) When you don't have the patience for dealing with stupid people.

6) When you honestly cannot believe something ridiculous is happening.

7) When you channel Rachel Zane in your everyday life.

8) When you try to make your own catch-phrase... but it doesn't quite catch on.

Bonus GIF of Jessica being the absolute boss with killer eyebrow game:

"Suits" premieres June 11 at 9pm ET/PT on USA Network.
Photo/Video credit: USA Network / Tumblr