Summer Glau on 'Arrow': Photos of Isabel Rochev, Oliver Queen's Season 2 foe

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arrow-summer-glau-isabel-rochev-city-of-heroes-cw-1.jpgWhen it was announced that Summer Glau would play Isabel Rochev on "Arrow" Season 2, fans of older shows like "Firefly" and "The Sarah Connor Chronicles" were excited.

arrow-summer-glau-isabel-rochev-city-of-heroes-cw-2.jpgNow that there are photos of Glau as Isabel -- an antagonist for Oliver Queen ( Stephen Amell) -- can that excitement get any greater? They really are some impressive photos.
Oliver might just have his work cut out for him.

arrow-summer-glau-isabel-rochev-city-of-heroes-cw-3.jpgThe character of Isabel Rochev is meant to be a polished and poised businesswoman. She is ruthless enough to try to take down Queen Consolidated, and she just may do it. That is, unless Oliver can stop her. There is little other information available about Isabel but certain guesses may be made.

1. Isabel Rochev will be doing some fighting. Based on the fact that this is Summer Glau, an actress with proven skills in action roles, there's little chance that the woman will just sit behind a desk.

2. She hates the Queens. Why does Isabel hate that family? That's something that "Arrow" will have to answer in Season 2.

arrow-summer-glau-isabel-rochev-city-of-heroes-cw-4.jpg3. Isabel is more than equal to the task of facing down a billionaire and secret vigilante. Based on the photos of her meeting with Oliver, we are looking at some tense moments in the Queen Consolidated boardroom. Even before someone attacks.

arrow-summer-glau-isabel-rochev-city-of-heroes-cw-5.jpgWill Isabel Rochev prove to be more than an antagonistic business person? Could she follow in the footsteps of Season 1's Malcolm Merlyn in being a secret evildoer? What do you think?

"Arrow" Season 2 premieres Wednesday, Oct. 9 at 8 p.m. on The CW.

Photo/Video credit: The CW