Sundance: 'Grabbers' creature - first look

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Grabbers poster.jpgThe Sundance Film Festival is underway and we're getting the first look at the creature from the horror film, "Grabbers." The film will premiere on January 3rd, during the festival's Park City at Midnight program.

In the film, the residents of sleepy Erin Island find themselves dealing with dead whales, dead fisherman and alien creatures called "grabbers." They realize that the last person to survive the attacks every night is always drunk. The alcohol in their blood is toxic to the monsters. Their solution? Get the entire village pixelated. Sounds like our kind of monster attack!

We've got the first look at the creature from the film starring Richard Coyle, Ruth Bradley and "Being Human" star Russell Tovey, courtesy of Shock Till You Drop. The image (check it out below) is a little fuzzy, but you definitely get a sense of the speed with which these creepy guys attack. Cheers!

Grabbers creature.jpg

Photo/Video credit: Shock Till You Drop