'Super 8' teaser pops up in 'Portal 2'

super-8.jpgThousands upon thousands of gamers have disappeared into the world of "Portal 2" in the past couple days, and in doing so they may have transported themselves to a small town in Ohio in the late '70s.

An interactive teaser for J.J. Abrams' movie "Super 8" is included as an extra in the game, and it lets users spend a couple of minutes inside the world of the movie. The teaser first puts you inside a car of the train that's about to crash in the movie's trailer and lets you poke around and zoom in on a few things (a folded-up newspaper, a map on the wall and a couple other items).

Once the train derails, you have some limited opportunity to wander around the crash site before ending up in front of the car containing the alien/monster/whatever it is that's about to escape and drive "Super 8's" story. Some gaming sites have expressed frustration that a player's movements are limited within the teaser, but this still feels like a step up from just including a trailer you've already seen in the game's package.

"Super 8," written and directed by Abrams ans produced by Steven Spielberg, opens in theaters on June 10. Here's a look at the "Portal 2" teaser.

Photo/Video credit: Paramount Pictures