Super Bowl XLVIII GIFs: Seahawks safety, Joe Namath's fur coat and more

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super-bowl-xlviii-safety.jpgSporting events are always rife with GIF-able moments and the Super Bowl is the biggest stage of all. From the opening play safety to Joe Namath rocking an amazing fur coat, keep checking back here at Zap2it for all the best GIFs of the big game.

Broadway Joe Namath rocks the fur coat:

Broadway Joe slightly early on the coin toss:

joe-namath-coin-toss-botch-super-bowl.gif The bad Broncos snap leads to a safety:

super-bowl-xlviii-broncos-bad-snap-safety.gif A close-up of Manning's botched snap:


Big hit by Kam Chancellor:

kam-chancellor-hit-super-bowl-GIF.gif Nice pass from Seahawks' Wilson to Baldwin:

wilson-to-baldwin-pass-super-bowl-GIF.gif Wooooooooo!

thomas-seahawks-super-bowl.gifFirst interception of the Super Bowl. Oh, Peyton:

kam-chancellor-interception.gif Ahnold will crush you at tiny tennis:

arnold-schwarzenegger-super-bowl-bud-light.gif Seahawk seahawk is excited:

seahawk-super-bowl-mascot.gif And that's a pick-six by Malcolm Smith:

pick-six-super-bowl-48.gif Though Smith's dunking skills could use some work:

malcolm-smith-dunk-fail-super-bowl.gif Bruno Mars is a heckuva dancer, but we're not sure about the gold lamé:

We blinked and suddenly it was 29-0:

percy-harvin-kickoff-return-TD-super-bowl-xlviii.gif This is just getting sad now:

demaryius-thomas-fumble-super-bowl.gif Sadder still:

another-seahawks-touchdown-super-bowl.gif The Broncos finally got one!

broncos-finally-score-super-bowl.gif The Seahawks answered almost immediately:

seattle-touchdown-eight-super-bowl.gif Sad Eli Manning is sad.

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images