'Super Bowl's Greatest Commercials': Really? That's the Top 10?

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etrade-baby-super-bowl.jpgCBS aired its annual "Super Bowl's Greatest Commercials" special Wednesday (Jan. 29), with a countdown of the Top 10 ads as voted on by fans, plus other fan-favorites that didn't make the cut. Each entrant in the Top 10 was from a different category, like beer, cars, crazy or sexy commercials.

The Top 10 were revealed to be the ones below, which we can't help but question. First off, how come only one commercial was older than 2006? Secondly, really? Really?! These are your picks? What about the kid as Darth Vader for Volkswagen? What about Cindy Crawford or Britney Spears for Pepsi? What about Apple's 1984?

What do you think of the choices?

10. CareerBuilder.com 2010, Casual Fridays

9. Budweiser 2006, streaker

8. Taco Bell 2013, "We Are Young"

7. Best Buy 2013, Amy Poehler

6. Cars.com 2013, wolves

5. E-Trade 2008, spit-up

4. Victoria's Secret 2008, in the mood for love

3. Careerbuilder.com, 2006, monkey business

2. Pepsi 1996, "Your Cheatin' Heart"

1. Doritos 2013, princess party

Photo/Video credit: E-trade