'Superman,' 'True Blood' stars Brandon Routh, Courtney Ford expecting a child

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Brandon Routh Courtney Ford.jpgThere is a super-baby on the way! "Superman" star Brandon Routh and wife, "True Blood" and "Parenthood" star Courtney Ford are expecting a baby. The two kept the news under wraps for quite some time, including Ford's stint on "Parenthood."

Routh, who is currently in production for his new series "Partners" tells People, "Everyone on set keeps asking, 'Do you have kids?' And I've had to say, 'Well, not yet!' It's the truth. The baby hasn't been born yet!"

Ford hid the news from her "Parenthood" co-stars. "Flu and food poisoning excuses only work for so long," she says, "and by the last episode I could no longer button my pants! I just tried to joke that I had a big lunch."

We wish mom and dad the very best! This is going to be one good-looking baby!
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images