Supermodel Naomi Campbell beats down driver in NYC, police in pursuit [Updated]

Naomi-Campbell-Police-Driver-New-York-City.jpg Naomi Campbell is on the run, folks.

Police are trying to track down the British supermodel after the driver of her Cadillac Escallade claims she slapped and punched him, then fled the scene, reports say.

"There shouldn't be a rush to judgment," Campbell's rep said in a statement. "Naomi will cooperate voluntarily and there is more to the story than meets the eye."

We don't know about the driver's eye, but we hear he has a bruised cheek. The driver told police that Campbell became enraged at him and began to attack him from the backseat of the car, the AP reports.

A police spokesman says that the driver stopped the car in midtown Manhattan and called the police. Meanwhile, Campbell sashayed away in a hurry.

The driver and Campbell's assistant were last reported speaking to police at the precinct.