Supermodel Naomi Campbell gets off scott free after driver beat down

Naomi-Cambell-no-charges-driver.jpgOn Tues. March 2, a New York City man hired by British supermodel Naomi Campbell to drive her for the day reported that she assaulted him from the backseat of the luxury SUV.

Today, the Associated Press reports that Campbell will most likely not be charged for the alleged beat down.

Instead, the police issued a harassment report, which carries no criminal penalty.

Additionally, the driver (who also drives Campbell's Russian boyfriend Vladislav Doronin, uh huh), is not pursuing criminal charges on the supermodel. It's not clear whether he'll file civil charges.

Yesterday, the unidentified driver told police that Campbell became enraged at him, then began hitting him from the back of the car. He said the cover girl caused him to hit his face on the steering wheel causing bruises on his cheek.