'Supernatural' Are the angels the good guys?

Genevievecortese_supernatural_240  Supernatural has turned a lot of angelic concepts on their ear and not only by casting Misha Collins as the too hot for heaven Castiel. These aren't cherubim, that's for sure.

The episode opens with Castiel standing over a dead angel. The angels are just as tired as the Winchesters of burying friends and as the boys return from Pamela's funeral, Uriel and Castiel are waiting for them.They have some work for Dean and they don't take no for an answer. They simply take Dean and leave Sam behind. Which, as we all know, simply won't fly.

The angels reappear with Dean in a warehouse and inform him that 7 angels from their garrison have been killed and they need him to find out why by torturing the truth out of Alastair, whom they have caught and strung up on a Star of David. Dean asks them not to make him go back to the routine that nearly destroyed his soul, but there is no other way. Meanwhile, Ruby has arrived and told Sam what's going on and Sam tells her that Dean has changed and isn't strong enough to accomplish what the angels are asking him. But Sam is. Or, at least he will be after he drinks some of Ruby's blood.

Meanwhile, Alastair is singing, but it's the wrong song. He tells Dean that his father lasted a century on the rack and never broke, while Dean cracked in a mere 30 years. And Dean spilling blood in hell was how the first seal was broken, setting the apocalypse in motion. Speaking of broken seals, a water valve turns thanks to some outside force and water begins to drip on the trap that holds Alastair. As Castiel waits outside for Dean to produce answers, Anna arrives to ask Castiel to stop what she doesn't believe is God's will but that of someone else entirely. Castiel shuns her as a non-believer. Shuuuuuns.

In the interlude, Alastair has noticed the broken lines caused by the dripping water and escaped his trap to start pummeling Dean. Castiel has also noticed a lack of demonic screams and he tries to stop Alastair but nearly gets himself sent back to heaven. Sam shows up in the nick of time to save Castiel the trip and use his mind mojo to pin Alastair to the wall and force some answers out of him. Mainly that the demons have nothing to do with the dead angels. Alastair requests the journey back home, but Sam informs him he's gotten stronger and now he can kill. A new power that he readily demonstrates in such a way that even Castiel looks sort of scared and horrified.

Dean ends up in the hospital and Castiel ends up in the throes of doubt. He seeks Anna and asks her what to do, only to have her tell him to think for himself. Instead, he goes to Uriel, who does have an idea. The same one he's had all along. It's goes a little something like 'God is dead or useless, let's raise our brother Lucifer'. And if Castiel doesn't join him, Uriel will kill him like he killed the others. So, in addition to seeing an angel fight a demon, we also get some angel on angel violence. Or should I say, an angel three way? Because Anna arrives in time to plunge Uriel's blade through his throat.

Castiel returns to Dean's hospital room and Dean asks if what Alastair said was true - that he broke the first seal. Castiel confirms it, adding that it means he is also the only one who can stop it all. Only, he's not sure what it is he's supposed to stop, or how. Dean repeats his brother's earlier pronouncement, that he isn't strong enough for the job and they need to find someone else.

The Funny:

Dean: (after Uriel disappears) You guys don't start walking, you're gonna get flabby.
Castiel: (emotionless stare)
Dean: I'm starting to think chuckles has the best sense of humor.
Castiel: Uriel is the funniest angel in our garrison. Everyone knows that.

Alastair: You think I'd see all your scary toys and spill my guts?
Dean: Oh, you'll spill your guts anyway. I just don't want to ruin my shoes.

Alastair: I got something caught in my throat.....I think....it IS my throat.

Who else thought that the demon scrye was far cooler than the usual crystal on a string bit? And is Sam now part vampire? It seems that we can now see how Ruby has been up to no good. And maybe Castiel sees it too. Will this all come down to a battle between the brothers? And Uriel said that he killed the ones who said no. That seems to beg the question, how many said yes? Is another angel going to rise to take his place as a welcomer of the end times? And what do you think it will take for Dean to get his confidence back?