'Supernatural': Have a birthday drink with Misha Collins

supernatural-misha-collins-320.jpgWe celebrated Jared Padalecki's birthday by taking a stroll down Stars Hollow memory lane, and we would be remiss if we didn't throw a little bash for his "Supernatural" co-star MIsha Collins this week.

Collins has already made some birthday requests via Twitter. "Please don't do anything special-as long as you spend at least $1000, it's the thought that counts," he writes.

Later, he amended it. "Sorry, that last twit about birthdays sounded a little presumptuous. I should have said, 'at least $1000, or the livestock equivalent.'"

In case you don't have a thousand dollar cow that you're willing to ship to the "Supernatural" set, may we suggest celebrating Misha's birthday by enjoying a virtual drink with him? Collins sat down with Zap2it for our most memorable "Drinking With the Stars" segment ever. If you've already seen it, you know it's worth watching twice.

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Photo credit: CW