'Supernatural': Castiel reunites with Dean in 'A Little Slice of Kevin'

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spn-807-dean-castiel.jpgTo say that the relationship between Castiel and Dean on "Supernatural" has been tumultuous is definitely an understatement. They've saved each others' lives and betrayed each other -- and this season, we're slowly learning about their year in Purgatory. When Dean escaped with Benny, all he'd say about Castiel was that he "didn't make it" and that Dean "saw enough."

Luckily, Castiel didn't die in Purgatory -- and somehow, he'll manage to escape in the Nov. 14 episode "A Little Slice Of Kevin." These pics from the episode reveal that his escape isn't exactly easy (though his trenchcoat does emerge from Purgatory unscathed, it seems). Dean has been feeling some serious guilt over whatever happened in Purgatory, so the reunion is sure to be a complicated one.

The episode features Delta, a rocker who became a witch-for-hire when her band broke up. Mrs. Tran enlists her services to make a demon-killing bomb, but ultimately Delta turns Mrs. Tran and Kevin over to Crowley. "A Little Slice of Kevin" also marks the debut of Amanda Tapping as Naomi, a polished angel who will recur throughout the season.

Check out the pics below!

spn-807-jared.jpg spn-807-winchesters-study.jpg spn-807-cas-naomi.jpg spn-807-castiel-naomi.jpg spn-807-sam-kevin-mom.jpg spn-807-bloody-kevin-tran.jpg spn-807-trio-running.jpg spn-807-dean-sam.jpg spn-807-dean-castiel-2.jpg spn-807-castiel-smite.jpg spn-807-castiel.jpg spn-807-impala.jpg

Photo/Video credit: The CW