'Supernatural' Heaven vs hell. Porn vs reality.

Mishacollins_supernatural_240 When Supernatural left us last week, the angels had come to collect Anna. And by collect, I mean kill.

Tonight started off with Uriel revealing that Anna is worse than Ruby in the soul cleanliness department. Despite that, the boys are not interested in turning her over. A fight ensues, where Castiel touches two fingers to Sam's forehead and drops him like a sack of potatoes while Uriel pushes Ruby aside and begins soundly begins beating Dean the old fashioned way, with a good dose of glee. But before Castiel can get to Anna, a bright light appears and both he and Uriel disappear, much to their own seeming surprise. The guys get to Anna to find her finger-painting symbols onto a mirror in her own blood, with no idea how she knows the symbols.

Ruby gets them some hex bags to help in staying off heaven and hell's respective radars while they shack up in Bobby's bunker and try to figure out exactly what's going on with the Anna the angel antennae. I alliterate with wild abandon! The angels are maintaining radio silence, but hospital records are still available and Sam discovers Anna was an in-patient more than once. The first time was actually when she was around 2 years old, when she got hysterical every time her father - the deacon - came near her, screaming that he wasn't her father and was trying to kill her. Anna overhears Sam relating all this to Dean and gets pretty bent out of shape that they are talking about her behind her back, but admits she can offer no insight into her two year old self because she has no memory of it.

Which brings the boys back to Pamela, a character reappearance I am rather happy with because, let's face it. Pamela kicks major butt. Almost as much as she admires Sam's butt, despite being blind. She points out she still has more senses than most people and then admits that she'll help because she'll take any chance to screw over an angel. Anna asks why and Pamela takes off her sunglasses to reveal white plastic orbs where most people keep their eyeballs.

Pamela hypnotizes Anna, who just comes unglued before revealing anything, though she does manage to backhand Dean across the room. It would be impressive under normal circumstances, but when Pamela wakes Anna up she reveals she regained her memory. She's an angel, who ripped out her own grace and fell to earth. She also used to be Uriel and Castiel's boss. So, heaven wants her dead and hell wants to torture her for information and Dean and Sam are in the middle of it. They decide to find Anna's grace and pinpoint Kentucky as a likely spot based on the occurrence of two meteors falling to earth 9 months before her birth.

Ruby tries to convince Sam to get back in the swing of using his gifts since his attempt to vanquish Alastair failed, but he refuses. Meanwhile, Pamela bails on the operation and Anna and Dean argue about the merits of humanity over being angelic. Apparently, angels have no free will and only 4 of them have ever seen the face of god. Like humanity, they are expected to accept his existence based on faith. Unlike humanity, if they decide to be atheists, they are killed for it.

The next day they make the drive to Kentucky, where reports pointed them to an oak tree that looked centuries old but had sprung up in about 6 months. Unfortunately, her grace is not there. On the upside, the angels are back on the airwaves, relaying a loop that if Anna isn't handed over by midnight, Dean goes back to hell. At a loss, Anna wonders aloud if she doesn't deserve to be punished, since she pulled a Lucifer. Wait, didn't Lucifer actively fight heaven? She just kinda quit. That aside, she also lets Dean know that she heard the angels talking about what he did in hell and that she knows it wasn't his fault. He says he can't talk about it. So, they stop talking and start kissing. Sam ends up with a demon while Dean hooks up with an Angel. There's some strange symmetry there. However, unlike demons, apparently angels do have to wear bras. Heaven is restrictive, I guess.

Elsewhere, Ruby sneaks away and burns a hex bag and Alastair appears. She tries to strike a deal where she hands over the angel and she and the Winchester boys walk away, but instead he has some hench-demons grab her and gets to torturing her with the demon killing knife he collected last episode. Meanwhile, Uriel appears to Dean in a dream, revealing that he has Anna's grace. However, when he threatens Dean with hell again, Dean is unmoved and stands his ground. So Uriel applies pressure elsewhere. And so does Alastair, leaving Ruby to offer to bring him to the Angel.

Dean is drinking while Sam and Anna pace and wonder where Ruby is. Castiel and Uriel burst in and when Sam asks how they found them, Dean says "I'm sorry". A shocked Sam asks why he revealed their location, But Anna knows - they threatened to kill Sam. Further, she proves her angelic nature by forgiving Dean and stepping up to collect her due. But Alastair shows up with perfect timing and demands that the angels step aside.

The fight that ensues is interesting, as Castiel puts his palm to Alastair's head to no effect. The demon tells him to run to daddy, and then gets a grip on the angel's throat and starts an incantation. Meanwhile, Uriel is busy overcoming the demonic henchmen so Dean whacks Alastair over the head. The demon conveys his disappointment, adding "you had such promise". In the midst of all the fighting, Anna managed to grab her grace off Uriel - to his dismay - and yells for everyone to close their eyes. Castiel doesn't and neither does Alastair, but only Castiel survives the experience as Anna and Alastair disappear in the blinding light that bursts out of her. Sam hopes she's happier wherever she is, but Dean doubts she is.

The evening ends with the boys sharing a beer and Dean telling Sam he knows he heard what Alastair said about him having promise. Sam admits he did, but he's not going to push the issue. In a moving scene, Dean reveals that time was different in hell, and what was 4 months on earth was closer to 40 years in hell. The demons ripped him apart until there was nothing left, and then the parts they had ripped magically reappeared so they could start all over. Everyday, Alastair offered to get him off the rack if Dean would take over torturing others and for 30 years Dean refused. Until the day he couldn't anymore. He admits that he lost count of the souls he tortured, but he remembers what he did to them and wishes he couldn't feel anything anymore.

The funniest moment of the evening was clearing the Titanic styled hand smear on the steamy car window as well as the visual of Bobby in a "banana hammock and trucker cap", but here were a few lines that stood out to me:

Dean: Anna may have sent the angels to the outfield, but sooner or later they are going to come back.

Dean: So who is the daddy? The plumber? A little snake in the pipes?
Sam: You're confusing reality with porn.

Dean: An angel and a demon riding in the backseat sounds like the set up to a bad joke. Or a Penthouse forum letter.
Sam: Dude. Reality. Porn.

What were your thoughts on this evening's episode? Will Anna become their ally in Heaven, or is she being punished by the almighty? Is Castiel truly more empathetic than the average angel, or is it all a ploy to gain the boy's trust? Can we please see more of Pamela?