'Supernatural' photos: With faces like these, who needs souls?

spn-dean-sam-good-evil-320.jpgHere at Zap2it we try to provide you with thoughtful, thorough television coverage for all of your favorite shows. We're along for the ride as you analyze mythology, discuss theories, and nitpick plot holes.

But occasionally, we just need to sit back, forget about dissecting the characters, and just enjoy how darn gorgeous they are. Such is the case with these newly released "Supernatural" promotional pictures of Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, and Misha Collins.

We love the matching outfits - with a little choreography, some cornrows, and creative facial hair, these guys could be part of the broodiest boy band in the history of time.

So feel free to take some time off from worrying about Sam's mortal soul, Dean's emotional turmoil, and Castiel's place in Heaven's civil war. It's okay to be shallow for a few minutes. Or a couple hours. We won't judge you. (We may have made these photos our new computer background. It's one way to spruce up a cubicle.)

spn-solo-mc2.jpg spn-solo-mc1.jpg spn-solo-jp2.jpg spn-solo-jp1.jpg spn-solo-ja2.jpg spn-solo-ja1.jpg