'Supernatural' preview: Souled up Sam, suits, and virgins in a cage

spn-virgin-320.jpg "Supernatural" returns Jan. 28 at 9 p.m., and we've got your first look at souled-up Sam. (We think having a soul makes his hair shinier. Thoughts?) In the episode, "Like a Virgin," Sam and Dean get back to work saving people and hunting things and all that jazz... and once again, they're doing it while wearing suits.

Whatever. We're shallow and we're not sorry about it.

In the episode, Sam ( Jared Padalecki) and Dean ( Jensen Ackles) investigate attacks on girls who wear purity rings to symbolize their promise to remain virgins. Of course, Dean finds virgins to be a bizarre and rare phenomenon themselves. It looks like the women in question don't fare too well - the images show two girls trapped in a cage. Let's hope the Winchesters get to them in time.

Aside from men in suits and women in cages, the photos give us a little hope that things may be returning to normal -- or at least, to the Winchesters' idea of normal. Sam and Dean are pictured sharing a beer at Bobby's (and possibly getting a lecture from him), and poring over research in a motel decorated by a hideous mountain mural and a John Winchester-style wall of weird.

What do you think, "Supernatural" fans? Do Sam and Dean have a chance to get back to the way they were, or will Dean keep Sam at a distance? Weigh in.

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Photo/Video credit: CW