'Supernatural' Sneak Peek: Jensen Ackles' directorial debut shines a light on Bobby

supernatural-ackles.jpg "Supernatural" fans have learned a few secrets about Bobby ( Jim Beaver) over the years, but while we get to see Sam ( Jared Padalecki) and Dean ( Jensen Ackles) do everything from brush their teeth to bicker over who smells worse, Bobby's day-to-day routine remains a mystery.

What exactly does he do when he's not saving Sam and Dean from a scrape or doing their research for them?

In Ackles' directorial debut, Oct. 15th's "Weekend at Bobby's," we'll discover a bit more about the man beneath the trucker hat. When Bobby discovers that his eternal soul still belongs to the demon Crowley ( Mark Sheppard), he'll turn the tables and ask Sam and Dean for their help for a change.

Luckily, they'll discover a secret of Crowley's that might just help them out. The episode marks the return of Bobby's frenemy Rufus ( Steven Williams) and Kim Rhodes as Sheriff Mills.

Though the episode doesn't air for two weeks, we've got some sneak preview pics just to up the anticipation a little bit. How do you think Ackles will do as a director?  The actors who worked with him had nothing but good things to say. Are you looking forward to Crowley's return?

SN601b_0146b.jpg SN604_0257b.jpg

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Photo: CW