'Supernatural' spoilers: Dean's loyalty is tested when Sam grows suspicious of Benny

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spn-809-dean-flirts.jpgOn last week's episode of "Supernatural," Sam was supportive of Dean as Dean struggled with the return of Castiel from Purgatory. But just because Sam had Dean's back in his time of need doesn't mean that the conflict between them has been resolved. Sam still remains suspicious of Dean's Purgatory brother-in-arms, Benny, and in the Dec 5. episode, "Citizen Fang," things come to a head when Sam asks their old friend Martin to tail Benny.

Zap2it was on set during filming of this episode, so we can reveal that Martin learns that Benny has returned to his hometown and is working at a diner under an assumed name. It's not long before -- surprise, surprise -- people start turning up dead from... er... animal attacks.

We've heard that one before.

Martin is sure that Benny is behind the killings, and when he confronts the Winchesters, Dean is furious with Sam for going behind his back. Sam does his best to give Dean the benefit of the doubt, though, and despite Martin's protests, he agrees to give Dean some extra time to find out if Benny is guilty... and how to handle it.

The episode also features Kathleen Munroe, of "Haven," "Alphas," and "CSI: NY" as Elizabeth, a local who works with Benny. It's about time Dean got his flirt on again.

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Photo/Video credit: The CW