'Supernatural' spoilers: Sam and Dean reunite with Castiel for a showdown with Crowley

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spn-810.jpgCongratulations to the "Supernatural" fans on winning the Favorite Fan Following award at Wednesday's People's Choice Awards -- and not to mention, voting for the show as the Favorite TV Sci-Fi/Fantasy Show! As a reward for your efforts, the winter hiatus is almost over. "Supernatural" returns next Wednesday, January 16, with a new episode titled "Torn and Frayed."

The episode marks the return of Castiel and the angel mythology, as he calls on Sam and Dean to help him save a fellow angel who is being held captive by Crowley.

Of course, Sam and Dean haven't exactly been buddies lately -- the last time we saw them, they'd split up after Dean distracted Sam from a case with a fake text from his ex-girlfriend, Amelia.

Before the Winchesters join forces, though, Sam will pow-wow with Amelia and talk about the current state of their relationship (which is decidedly not good, seeing as she's reunited with her husband, Don). She's still pretty hung up on Sam -- in fact, she presents an ultimatum, asking him to stay with her for good, or leave and never contact her again.

Judging from these photos, it looks like Sam chooses his brother and their favorite angel over romance, but you never know! Appearances can be deceiving.

spn-810-castiel-impala.jpg spn-810-castiel-sam.jpg spn-810-castiel.jpg spn-810-dean-vertical.jpg spn-810-dean.jpg spn-810-sam-dean-dead-guys.jpg spn-810-sam-dean-knife.jpg spn-810-sam-dean-sigils.jpg spn-810-sam-dean-wall.jpg spn-810-sam-vertical.jpg spn-810-trio.jpg torn-and-frayed.jpg

Photo/Video credit: The CW