'Supernatural' wedding: The groom revealed! Which Winchester is it?

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spn-groom-sam-dean-suits.jpgWe've been teasing "Supernatural" fans for weeks about the impending Winchester wedding. Yes -- in next week's Nov. 11 episode, one of the Winchester boys will be preparing for a walk down the aisle with a returning female character.

Finally, The CW has given us the okay to tell you: It's Sam ( Jared Padalecki) who will be the groom next Friday night.

They've asked us to keep the lucky lady under wraps, but we can tell you that it's a character we've seen before, and Sam isn't marrying her as part of the job -- he may be a little misguided, but he believes he's in it for all the right reasons.

Meanwhile, Dean ( Jensen Ackles) has to work a case on his own -- we're guessing Sam is preoccupied with floral arrangements and cufflink choices. Desperate, Dean has to enlist the help of Garth (guest star D.J. Qualls) -- and let's just say Dean wouldn't choose to have Garth riding shotgun unless absolutely necessary.

We're hoping this episode will be one of the more lighthearted ones -- we're due for some laughs on Friday nights after a few very angsty weeks! In the meantime, tune in tonight to see the fall-out from Sam and Dean's big break up.

Photo/Video credit: The CW