'Supernatural's' Mark Pellegrino enjoys being bad

mark-pellegrino-supernatural.jpg When you're the man behind Lucifer (on "Supernatural") and Jacob (on "Lost"), it's not surprising that inquiring minds want to know which character Mark Pellegrino relates to more.

Many of the people who attended
Pellegrino's Q&A session at Creation Entertainment's Salute to Supernatural on Sunday (March 28) were fans of both shows he is currently on, so naturally the query of which character he enjoys playing more came up.

While he clearly has a blast portraying both, he seems to indicate he enjoys playing Lucifer a bit more.  

"I think the bad guys are more exciting," Pellegrino says. "I have fun being bad."

Speaking of being bad, Pellegrino hints Lucifer will be causing some trouble in the very near future.
"I think Lucifer will be doing some things to f*** s*** up soon," he teases.

Because clearly he hasn't caused enough trouble already. Wonder what kind of mischief he'll get into now?

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