'Supernatural's' Misha Collins and Jim Beaver: Zap2it readers react

supernatural-castiel-bobby.jpgZap2it was the first to confirm that actors Misha Collins and Jim Beaver will return to "Supernatural" in the fall for episodes of Season 6. Collins was promoted to series regular for Season 5, and Beaver has been a recurring guest star since Season 1.

We were thrilled by the news. Beaver is a friend of Zap2it's, and Misha Collins is one of our all-time favorite drinking buddies. However, not everyone was as psyched as we were to hear that we'd be seeing more of the angel Castiel and the hunter Bobby Singer when "Supernatural" returns in the fall.

A debate sparked up in our comments between fans that were pleased by the news, fans that were not-so-pleased by the news, and fans that were downright angry.

Stuart wrote: "Worst news since swineflu. Why do they need Castiel back? He's totally unnecessary now the apocalypse is over. I'd rather gouge my own eye out than watch him deadpan and suck screentime away from The Winchesters ... Have some guts writers and stop making moves because you're afraid of how the fans will react."

Jeanne disagrees. "I'm so happy Castiel will be back. He's the best thing to happen to the show in years. I watch for him as much as Dean and Sam. The show would never be as good without him."

"Their presence is necessary for my happiness,"
wrote Alexa on Facebook.

Donna says, "I'm thrilled to see Castiel return, less so with that old whiner Bobby.(I still love Jim, just not the direction Bobby's gone in lately). Misha and Jensen [Ackles] just make the screen light up whenever they're on it together and I look forward to much more of Dean and his newly promoted angel."

The conversation even strayed from Collins and Beaver. Val writes, "If anyone's acting on this show isn't on par, it's Jared Padalecki's. I'm not bashing him because I think he's a sweetheart and very funny and loving in real life, but unless he's playing evil or something comedic, he looks constipated. Face twitches and practically melting your forehead [does not equal] showing emotion."

Yikes! Weigh in, "Supernatural" fans. Are you happy to see Jim and Misha back on screen? Let us know.

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Photo Credit: The CW