'Survivor: Cagayan's' Garrett Adelstein: 'Kass loves attention,' she's a rabble-rouser

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david-samson-garrett-adelstein-survivor-cagayan.jpgOn the special two-hour premiere of "Survivor: Cagayan," the Brains tribe took two losses in the Immunity Challenge and sent David Samson (left) and then Garrett Adelstein (right) packing.

Adelstein was actually sent home with an Idol -- not in his pocket, because he was so sure he wouldn't need it that he left it at camp. But he tells Zap2it that there was no way he would've played it even if he'd had it with him because he didn't think Kass had flipped.

"Obviously, I had zero clue whatsoever," says Adelstein. "It was a mistake not to bring [the idol to Tribal]. Tribal Council, the five minutes or whatever you saw, it makes it look like I should play the idol. But Tribal was 90 minutes that day. The chances of me going home were very remote.  ...  At that point, I had every reason to think Kass was going to be voting for J'Tia."

Apparently, after J'Tia's rice-dumping incident, Kass went off on J'Tia, which is why Garrett thought there was no way Kass would keep J'Tia around.

"Kass went insane [after the rice incident], just freaks out, starts attacking J'Tia verbally, takes her clothes and throws them all over the island," says Adelstein. "A few minutes after that, J'Tia tries to take a banana that Kass said she can't have and they came this close to physically fighting. It was an intense moment. For as much as the viewing audience can't believe Kass voted with J'Tia, it's 100 times worse for those of us that were on the island."

"Kass is so incredibly random -- just having no filter, having no idea what's going on strategically," he continues. "Given how aggressively Kass was against J'Tia, given how they almost fist-fought moments before Tribal, it was close to impossible for me to predict the need to play [the idol].

"Strategically, I think it was a poor decision for Kass. But I know Kass doesn't think strategically. Kass is really random, as she describes herself in bios, she's just a rabble-rouser. I literally think she's sitting at Tribal that night and she goes, 'You know what? How awesome is it going to be if I blindside Garrett? Irrelevant of whatever strategic implications that might have. That's going to get me so much attention.' Kass loves attention."

Ousted player Samson has a different view on the whole subject, saying that he and Kass "certainly tried" to get something going after the first Immunity Challenge loss, but they couldn't counteract the poor strategy of their tribe. "We thought we were going to be able to do more than we were able to do. We just didn't count on the absolute dysfunction and irrationality that was living in our tribe like a fungus."

"The Brains tribe, we just had no chemistry, we couldn't get anything done," says Samson. "It was just a very disappointing tribe, in my mind. ... I don't think any of us were deserving of [being called the Brains], that's the bottom line. We performed as though we were the anti-brain tribe. "

"Survivor: Cagayan" airs Wednesday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.
Photo/Video credit: CBS