'Survivor' editors end strike, talks scheduled for Friday

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survivor-cagayan-top-six-CBS.jpgNews broke Wednesday (Aug. 13) that the editors of CBS reality competition show "Survivor" went on strike after informing the show's production team they wanted a unionized contract and receiving no response.

The striking of two dozen employees in the midst of shooting Season 29 could have delayed the premiere of the show's upcoming season, which is scheduled to premiere on Wednesday, Sept. 24. But according to the Facebook page of the Motion Picture Editors Guild, the strike has ended and talks are scheduled for Friday (Aug. 15).

The MPEG writes:

This evening the company agreed to the demand we issued on Tuesday for union recognition for the post crew of "Survivor." Contract talks have been scheduled for Friday.

In the meantime, our strike action has been suspended, and "Survivor" post-production employees will return to their jobs on Thursday. Our picket line will stand down until further notice. Please do not report for picket duty tomorrow.

Kudos to the crew of "Survivor" for their resolve they showed today and this important victory. Please continue to monitor email, the Guild website, and social media for updates about this crew's push for an IATSE contract.

We'll keep you posted as to the outcome of the strike negotiations.
Photo/Video credit: CBS