'Survivor' Season 27: What does the blood mean? Relatives?

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survivor-season-27-blood-tease.jpg UPDATE: The show revealed it (we thought they were leaving it as a tease) -- the tease means that Season 27 is "Blood vs. Water." We think that actually supports our "relatives" theory because of the old adage "blood is thicker than water." Maybe relatives are playing against one another? As in, each tribe has one half of a pair of relatives?

During the "Survivor: Caramoan" live finale reunion special, Jeff Probst revealed that instead of teasing the location for Season 27 of the show, they're instead going to tease what the show is doing for the season.

The tease was the above picture of what looks like blood being dropped into water. To us, that means relatives. What do you think it means?

We wonder -- if it is relatives -- if that means all new contestants, playing in pairs who are related? Or they show up and there's someone they're related to on the cast, but nobody knew beforehand? That'd be tricky to pull off. Or maybe there are eight former players and they each have a relative playing alongside them?

It's interesting to speculate. What do you think the tease meant? Is it even blood? Are we on the right track?
Photo/Video credit: CBS