'Survivor' Season 29 is 'Blood vs. Water 2' in San Juan Del Sur

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survivor-blood-vs-water-2-season-29.jpgDuring the "Survivor: Cagayan" live reunion, there weren't too many revelations, but the big one is that Season 29 is doing "Blood vs. Water" again, this time in San Juan Del Sur, which is in Nicaragua. Exciting stuff, "Blood vs. Water" was awesome.

It is also revealed that if Woo had taken Kass to the finals, he would have won unanimously. Wow. That's surprising to me. Kass was insane, but she played harder than Woo. I figured she would have gotten at least some votes. She must have been really disliked by her castmates. But yeah, that was a million-dollar decision on Woo's part.

There's also a really cute moment, Jeff gives a letter he wrote to Spencer because during casting, Jeff told him he would never win the game and Spencer said if I win, you have to write me a letter. Well, Spencer didn't win, but Jeff wrote him a letter anyway, during the filming process. By day 15 or so, Spencer had proven what a gamer he was and Probst wrote the letter and mailed it to himself from the Philippines. Aww, what a priceless souvenir, huh?

"Survivor" returns for Season 29 in the fall on CBS.
Photo/Video credit: CBS