Sweater vests can't get New Hampshire primary win for Rick Santorum

rick-santorum-getty-sweater.jpgPresidential candidate Rick Santorum announced Tuesday (Jan. 10) that donors who gave $100 to his campaign by Wednesday, Jan. 11 would receive an official Rick Santorum campaign sweater vest. But he still took fifth in the New Hampshire primary.

Santorum's 22,764 votes were almost 75,000 votes behind winner Mitt Romney, a far cry from how the two finished neck-and-neck in last week's Iowa caucuses. Meanwhile, Ron Paul surged from third to second, though he was still 40,000 votes behind Romney.

Meanwhile, Jon Huntsman, who didn't even run in the Iowa caucuses, finished in third place and called that his "ticked to ride" to the South Carolina primary on Jan. 21. And Newt Gingrich, who had a surge in December that was quashed by negative ads linking him to liberal politicians and decisions, finished fourth.

But Newt was still ahead of Santorum, who, according to CNN, only received votes in New Hampshire from people so socially conservative that they place an anti-abortion stance ahead of all other issues.

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images