Swiffer's Rosie the Riveter ad draws ire for being sexist, company takes it down

swiffer-rosie-the-riveter-sexist-ad.jpg Swiffer put up a new ad for its Steam Boost mop on Wednesday (June 5) and less than a day later, the company took it down amidst outcry of how sexist it is.

The ad received criticism for using the famous icon Rosie the Riveter in a new iteration that exchanges her "we can do it" arm for a Swiffer mop. Rebecca Greenfield of the Atlantic Wire calls it "a symbol of female strength, now put back in the kitchen, where the suits over at Proctor & Gamble apparently thinks she belongs."

Rosie the Riveter was originally conceived to get women out of the home and working for the war effort during World War II.

The company has released a statement, writing, "It was not our intention to offend any group with the image, and we are working to make changes to where it is used as quickly as possible."

The company also tweets, "Our core value is to make cleaning easier, no matter who's behind the handle. We apologize and are working hard to remove the image."

Hey, at least the ad didn't imply the housewife wants to get double-teamed by some plumbers.
Photo/Video credit: Swiffer