Sydney Leathers' masturbation porn pics: Anthony Weiner's sexting partner strips down

sydney-leathers-vivid-porn-pictures-anthony-weiner.pngWhat's a girl to do when you're embroiled in a naked sexting scandal with a former member of Congress and New York City mayoral candidate? Make a masturbation porn, of course!

TMZ has obtained the pictures of Sydney Leathers' filming her Vivid porn in Los Angeles, which you can see above and below. The site also says they've watched the flick and it's ... about what you'd imagine.

In case you've forgotten (or live under a rock), Leathers is one of the women former New York Rep. Anthony Weiner has been sending nude pictures to, which tanked his run for NYC mayor in 2013.

Apparently, Leathers' video is available on Vivid, so step right up. There's no word as to how much Ms. Leathers got paid, but isn't it refreshing (terrifying?) that she didn't have to make up a porn star name?
Photo/Video credit: TMZ