Syfy to air BBC's 'Sinbad' starring Naveen Andrews

naveen-andrews-britweek-gi.jpgSinbad is coming to Syfy.

Sadly, it's not the Sinbad of "Jingle All the Way"/"First Kid"/"A Different World" fame (that would be too awesome). It's Sinbad, the heroic Middle Eastern sailor, in the latest of many versions of his tale.

This one is a 12-part series from BBC Worldwide/Sky 1 and stars newcomer Elliot Knight as the seafaring adventurer and "Lost's" Naveen Andrews as his arch-nemesis, Lord Akbari.

Sophie Okonedo ("Hotel Rwanda") , Timothy Spall ("The King's Speech") and Dougray Scott ("Ever After") are set for special appearances, while the regular cast includes Elliot Cowan as Norwegian sailor Gunnar, Marama Corlett as jewel-thief Rina, Estella Daniels as aristocrat Nala, Junix Inocian as the Cook and Dimitri Leonidas as Doctor Anwar. Is it just us, or does Sinbad's crew sound a little like Captain Mal's Serenity gang on "Firefly"?

sets sail on Syfy in April 2013.

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images